3000 FR silver coin "BEETHOVEN 250th Anniversary" for Art Mint (Cameroon), 2020

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On the occasion of the 250th birth anniversary of Ludwig Van Beethoven, I am really happy to have been able to make the first coin for Art Mint, depicting the true face of Ludwig Van Beethoven, the famous composer.  In fact, to create this piece, no portraits of other artists of the past were chosen, as is usually the case, but the real mask produced by the austrian artist Franz Klein (1779-1840) was reproduced.  The mask is considered the only reproduction that resembles Beethoven since photography had not yet been invented.

The obverse side of the coin reproduces the first measures of the world famous 5th symphony, each note and musical symbol elegantly carved. On the reverse we find a replica of Beethoven’s signature, the date of his life period and a genuine diamond giving this memorabilia the prestige it deserves.

The coin has 3D ultra high relief with a nice touch of antique finish. It comes in an elegant box, together with a Certificate of Authenticity.